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Sonoma | Napa | Marin | San Francisco
Staging Sonoma Coastal Living, Single Family Homes, Vacation Homes, House Boats, Luxury/High End Home

Terrence Howell

Owner, Artist, Decorator, Art Connoisseur

Terrence Howell Home Staging and Art  (Business Statement) 2023


At Terrence Howell Home Staging and Art, we don't just transform

spaces, we ignite the buyers emotions and inspire dreams.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we craft living environments that surpass expectations. Leaving a lasting impression on every client.



Terrence Howell, the creative force behind Terrence Howell Home Staging and Art is a visionary artist and design enthusiast with an innate ability to breathe life into vacant and occupied homes.

With a back round in both interior decorating  and art, he continues to amaze his clients with his original art intertwined with home staging.

Terrence's journey began 35yrs ago at Memphis College of Art along with decorating at both Macys and Levitz Furniture Stores. He is driven by a desire to make every home a work of art.

Join him on a journey where art, design, and home staging intertwine. Where homes are not just staged but elevated to new heights of wonder and awe.

Showcasing Every Inch of Your Home

2020-2023 (New Construction Homes)
Home Stage Gallery

Office Space Gallery

Art Gallery

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